Friday, May 4, 2007

Yesterday we started a new unit on Sequences and Series. We learned that there are 4 different methods of doing these problems, you are able to use excel, your calculator, or the internet.

Below is how you use method 3. First off you must change your mode settings from Func. to Seq. Then hit y= to get to the next step in using method 3

After typing in the information into y= you then should change the window settings accordingly. Mr. Max informed us that it may take a few times to get the proper window settings in order to see the whole graph.

Below is method 2, this is all from your home screen. When multiplying your starting value by the percent make sure you mulitply the starting value by 1 plus the percent.

Below is method 4. This method you are using the internet

This is the link to the Method 4 of Problem Solving

If you use this method all you have to do is fill out the information in the different catagories.

I myself found that method 4 should be the easiest, but the other 3 ways are also useful.

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