Tuesday, May 1, 2007

..Math & Ice Cream..

So I figure that its pretty much Summer I'd put up some ice cream..that are in alot of colors..so that as your reading my post your thinking about ice cream which means your thinking about math! Its really cleaver of me I know..The class began with Mental Math..like always. Mr. Max went over the class objectives that were as follows: Go over the answer for the drive way question..which was not checked for homework, Go over plans for the test which is now in the ITV Lab on Wednesday with our sub Mr.Buckner (not sure I spelled that right), and the objectives that are to be done for now Thursday. There are 22 Objectives that are to be completed..so don't forget about them. Mr.Max also gave us a hint for a question that will be on the test. If you don't remember which one it had to do with the 3 strikes on The Price Is Right! Once we finished talking about the drive way question, we went straight into learning about the Independent and Dependent Events. The Independent and Dependent is much easier to understand that than Mutually Exclusive and Inclusive. With that said this is what we learned is below.

Tip: If your having trouble with the question on accelerated math, go to the wiki websites. They've really been helping me out alot. Not all of the objectives are on there but the ones that were giving me trouble were on the website.
Don't Forget:

- Accelerated Math due Thursday (try using the wiki's)
- Probability Test Wednesday in ITV Lab
- Wiki due Friday May 4,2007
- Formula Sheets (Handed in with test)
- All even question to be done on page 44/45

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