Thursday, May 17, 2007

Using Words Rather Than Colors

So, once again I am the scribe by some strange(dumb?) luck. Today was our first day of the rest of the semester without mental math. We began the class with Mr. Max going over question # 1. of the Statistics Review booklet. We were supposed to do the question in each of the four ways we were taught yesterday to do it. So Mr. Max went over the question using each method.



* ronblond's site does not accept thousandths rounding (ie: 0.013) therefore, plan accordingly!

* enter the boundaries into the same Letter not Color.


Z-Scores and Standardized Scores:

"A z-score is simply a value created in conjunction with a data sets mean and standard deviation to determine a value's number of standard deviations from the mean."
* Positive z-score: ABOVE the mean
*Negative z-score: BELOW the mean

Mr. Max also talked about the U.F.E exam.

Finally, at the end of the class we were given an assignment:

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Ryan Maksymchuk said...

Once again, Emma, you've set the bar high for your ability to post and intelligently discuss the implications of what (I hope) you've learned. On behalf of your classmates, thank you sincerely for the effort that you've put in over the last couple days. Know that efforts like yours to improve the success of the collective (our class) rarely go unnoticed.

Good stuff here...