Thursday, May 24, 2007

Attempting the Unthinkable

Today Mr. Max attempted the alleged impossible. He undertook a intense mathematic mission, trying to complete the statistics unit in record time. He informed us that if all went well, statistics would be no more after today, May 23, 2007. I know this will not be an easy task; he will need all the help he can get. Luckily he has his partner, Ron Blonde, to lend a helping hand. Ron will be a major part in helping him finish off ‘Binomial Distributions’

Let the mission begin.

Binomial Distribution exists in all scenarios. It includes exactly two outcomes, SUCCESS and FAILURE, which means not success.

Things to remember:
p + q = 1
q = 1 – p
p = 1 – q
q = p!
p = q!

binomcdf formula: ( number of trials, probability of success, number of successes)
binompdf formula: ( number of trials, probability of success, number of successes)

The binomcdf formula is used up to and including this many successes.
The binompdf formula is exactly this many successes.

So after learning all of this information, we tried a couple of practice questions.

The probability that a student at Brandon University uses a particular brand of toothbrush is 2/5. If 6 students selected at random, find the probability that:

A) Exactly three of them use the toothbrush

B) All of them use the toothbrush

C) None of them use the toothbrush

Mr. Max showed us a few ways to do these questions, using our calculator or using his partner Ron's website.

As 2 o'clock rolled around Mr. Max informed us that mission was accomplished. ...NOT!! We still have one more day left in this unit, finishing off Confidence Intervals tomorrow. Our test will still be on the same day, June 5th.

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