Wednesday, February 21, 2007

How To Scribe

I gave you all a hard copy of this last week, but here it is again electronically, so that if you forget what to include in your scribe post, it's here...

Scribing For Our Blog Rules:

The address for your class’ blog is one of these: (depending on what course you’re taking from me…

1. Scribe within 24 hours of the end of class, or forfeit marks for that entry (if I notice, and I probably will).

2. Scribe using the following as a guideline of “What SHOULD I include?”:

a) You MUST include, in your scribe post, ‘screen shots’ of relevant Notebook slides that I create during class, if applicable.
b) You MUST include, in your scribe post, links to relevant web sites, or links to files hosted on our network.
***c) Your job as the scribe post is to meaningfully CREATE and TRANSMIT a record of what was instructed in that particular lesson. Specifically, in the event that a student was to miss a class, and come to me and say “What did I miss?”, your scribe post should completely answer this request.

3. Scribe according to the ‘Master List’ posted in class…(according to alphabetic class list).

4. Scribe at least as often as when you HAVE TO, for the course requirement, but feel free to add to the blog anytime. My expectation is that everyone will post at least once more than they are supposed to…
5. The Blog is the online, electronic extension of our CLASSROOM. Our classroom is in a SCHOOL. As such, please use correct grammar, correct spelling and punctuation, and treat each scribe post as a significant hand-in assignment, rather than simply ‘going through the motion.’ Using language inappropriate for school, or anything that could be construed as violating our school’s Code of Conduct will be referred to the administration of SVRSS as a discipline matter. (i.e. Be nice, because if it’s on the internet, it’s forever!!!)

6. If the class that you’ve been assigned to scribe for is either: a work period, a sub day, a test day, or has something other than instruction going on, your task is specifically to share something meaningful, relevant, and ideally, that improves and / or enhances learning the course material in this course.

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