Tuesday, May 29, 2007

ABCD Values

Today we started off with a homework check...and thats right, you guessed it....only 2 people actually did their homework. Mr. Max was so proud. He was actually quite disappointed since the 2 people who did their homework said it only took them like 5 minutes. That was the 2nd "homework speech" Mr. Max has had to give our class in only about a week's time. Do we want to graduate? I think we all want to, no question about it. So I guess a little extra effort is in order.

Mr. Max said the only equation we need to know is y=a*sin(bx+c)+d. So he started to teach us what a,b,c, and d mean. He referenced what we learned last week, about what happens when the values of a,b,c, and d change. Then he went right into teaching us about "a".

Many people were confused with the whole "a" is amplitude but "a" is not equal to amplitude. So Mr. Max changed the notes to say that "a" is closely related to amplitude and the absolute value of "a" is equal to amplitude. Hope that makes more sense.

Mr. Max moved on to the "b" value. This time Mr. Max made the notes clear and stated that the "b" value relates very closely with period. Although period does not equal the "b" value.

Next, came the "c" value. This relates very closely with horizontal shift or phase shift.

Last,but not least, is the "d" value. This is the vertical shift. It is always positive.

And then, once again Mr. Max assigned homework. Mostly only because he was extremely (I was going to put that into capital letters, but I didn't know if it would be appropriate to shout..) unhappy with us. This is the question Mr. Max came up with :

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