Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Infinity is represented on the TI-83/84+ as Egg

Today was the last day of mental math, ever {Ever[like, ever(it will be no more in this class)]} and so Mr. Max was very...sombre about it. So to commemorate and truly honor the last day of mental math, it was extra hard...

Then we were given a speech on how "the Internet is forever". He makes a very valid point, if you put something online (this post for example) it will be online forever. Yes you can delete it and take it off the web but people, somehow, will still have access to it.
This is a commercial for Mr. Max's speech. It really makes you think, and be nervous. Mr. Max also told us that if we get bored while he's teaching to take a look at the 3rd block classes blog.

Anyways, after the speech and telling us to look at the block 3 class blog, Mr. Max began to go over the question he assigned yesterday. I don't know about everyone else but I was lost on that question.

Today Mr. Max showed us four ways that we can solve questions involving Z scores.
(Z score: a measure that quantifies the distance a data point is from the mean of a data set.
basically,a measure of how far from the average of a set of data a number is

1.) normalpdf(x) and shadenorm(Lowest number, Highest number)

* Infinity on the TI-83/84+ is represented as E99
-> To get this press:

2.) y=normalcdf(Low Z score, High Z score)


4.) He also put a spreadsheet into our folder on the course work drive, get there by going to:
coursework, Max's math stuff version 2, 2nd semester block 4 applied40, variability and statistical analysis, STATISTICS

Then, at the end of the class Mr. Max assigned the question about chicken freshness or something...

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