Friday, May 18, 2007

Question #15

Well, how do you do it? What's the answer? Why? How can you justify your answer? Comment Below?


aaron said...

i'm not very good at this but for question 12 i did normalcdf(168,195,176,7) and i got 87.01%... i think this is the percentage that DOES qualify though.... i tried to do it a different way and i got like...umm .3% which doesn't seem right... unless its 3%... anyone know what i did wrong?

bend said...

I also used the normailcdf function on my calculator to figure out the first part of this question...
I typed in..
normalcdf(10.5,11.5,12.7,2.1) and it shoult turn out to be about 13.6% probability that your tires will be between 10.5-11.5
For the second part i got the Z-score to be -.33

Wilson said...

For 15a igot 13.64%. I got the same answer from both Shadenorm(10.5,11.5,12.7,2.1) and from Normalcdf(10.5,11.5,12.7,2.1).
For 15b I got a Z-score of -0.66667 by calculating the percentage from X-bar to -1X-bar that 12 mm was.
for 15c I haven't got anything.

ryan said...

I used the cdf method for a.) and got 14%
And for B.) I used the Z= method and got -.33. and i didnt get C.)