Thursday, May 10, 2007

May 09/2007 - Quiz Day

Hello everyone sorry my post is in a little late...

We started off the class with Mental Math...I think we are on number 32 now.

After we got Mental Math out of the way we then started to learn about Half-Life..

Half Life - Refers to an amount of time during which half of some (usually radioactive) material is dissipated/decayed (it goes away)

Ex. The half life of cheez whiz is 3400 years …If there were 1kg in year 2007, then in year 5407, there would be 500g of cheez whiz

Then, after we learned about Half-Life, we then wrote our two question quiz on Sequences and for those of you who wasn't here, STUDY UP!

Thank you for viewing my post, have a good Wednesday

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