Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Directions of a vertex

35 degrees north of east


55 degrees east of north

The two numbers above must equal 90 degrees

and both directions must be consecutive

The bearing ( or heading ) method

must be 360 degrees

Monday, February 26, 2007

The Wonderful World of Vectors

Well I am sure you are all pleased to hear that today we started a new unit on Vectors... yaaay... Mr. Max just went over the basics of what vectors were and what they weren't....

Vector- refers to some quantity thats has magnitude and direction...

Here are some examples of what vectors are and aren't.

So now hopefully you all know what vectors look like.

Not to end the excitement, we were also lucky enough to have another mental math assignment today as well as getting our scan card part of out test back.

Euklid is a program that we will be using a fair bit on this unit. For those who want it at home but don't know how to get it click on this link to download it..

Our assignment for homework was - pg. B-4 #6

Friday, February 23, 2007

Test Day ...And Tyler's ♥ 18th

So today was the test day...

I'm honestly not sure what to post about it. Today is also Tyler's 18th birthday, incase anyone didn't already know. Thats not so relevant to the class is it..?

I'll pose a thought provoking question, since I can't think of anything else to write about the test day: What did everyone think about the test?
Just kidding, thats not entirely thought provoking, is it.

Here's my question for everyone:
do you think that you will ever actually use the things you learnt in highschool in real life?

also, what would someone have to pay you to eat haggis?

This is a picture of people in a haggis eating contest.
All right boys and girls tomorrow is test day ... Today we just went over all the stuff we should know for the test and what we should study and work on. We went over this stuff that we should know:

1. Matrix Vocabulary

-this is stuff like edge, route, vertex, node, commutative, scalar multiplication, matrix, multiplication, symmetry, element, route, one/two leg route, at most, and "1 sum"

2. Matrix Operations

-when we are talking about matirx operations we are talking about things like matirx addition, matrix subtraction, scalar multiplication, and matrix multipliation.

-we have to be able to know when to use these and more importantly, how to use them. In the wise words of Mr. Max "just because you can, doesn't mean you should"

3. Nonsense Avoidance

- Matrix multiplication that actually makes sense.

4. Transition Matrices



Stabilization will always occur

If you can multiply [A] by [B]^big number
then multiply [A] by [B]^ big number + 1 and get the same product then stabilization has been reached

5. Matrices and Networks

- Umm ... i dont really know how else i can describe this, the picture says it all ... another interesting quotes from Max a couple years ago when i was last in his class "Learn it, Live it, Love it"

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Feb.21- blog post

Alright well today we had early dismissal, and Mr. Max skipped mental math, and something he wanted to draw our attention to seeing how time was stressed. So we went straight to correcting, and working with problems troubling the students. Also it was mentioned that the test review will be tomorrow.
A few reminders:
  • Formula sheet(cheat sheet) can be one side of a 8.5*11 sheet of paper, and must be made entirely by you.

  • Look at Exercise #8 and try it out.

  • And of course study study study

With the test coming up I figured I should try and offer as much assistance as possible with some links and study ideas.


And to lighten the learning I am gonna post a joke too:) Hope it's not inappropriate or anything.

President Bush's morning security briefing is wrapping up. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld is concluding his part and says, "Finally, three Brazilian soldiers were killed yesterday near Baghdad."
"OH MY GOD!" shrieks Bush, and he buries his head in his hands for a seemingly interminable 30 seconds. Stunned at the unexpected display of emotion, the President's staff sits speechless, not sure how to react. Finally, Bush looks up and asks Rumsfeld, "How many is a Brazilian?"

How To Scribe

I gave you all a hard copy of this last week, but here it is again electronically, so that if you forget what to include in your scribe post, it's here...

Scribing For Our Blog Rules:

The address for your class’ blog is one of these: (depending on what course you’re taking from me…

1. Scribe within 24 hours of the end of class, or forfeit marks for that entry (if I notice, and I probably will).

2. Scribe using the following as a guideline of “What SHOULD I include?”:

a) You MUST include, in your scribe post, ‘screen shots’ of relevant Notebook slides that I create during class, if applicable.
b) You MUST include, in your scribe post, links to relevant web sites, or links to files hosted on our network.
***c) Your job as the scribe post is to meaningfully CREATE and TRANSMIT a record of what was instructed in that particular lesson. Specifically, in the event that a student was to miss a class, and come to me and say “What did I miss?”, your scribe post should completely answer this request.

3. Scribe according to the ‘Master List’ posted in class…(according to alphabetic class list).

4. Scribe at least as often as when you HAVE TO, for the course requirement, but feel free to add to the blog anytime. My expectation is that everyone will post at least once more than they are supposed to…
5. The Blog is the online, electronic extension of our CLASSROOM. Our classroom is in a SCHOOL. As such, please use correct grammar, correct spelling and punctuation, and treat each scribe post as a significant hand-in assignment, rather than simply ‘going through the motion.’ Using language inappropriate for school, or anything that could be construed as violating our school’s Code of Conduct will be referred to the administration of SVRSS as a discipline matter. (i.e. Be nice, because if it’s on the internet, it’s forever!!!)

6. If the class that you’ve been assigned to scribe for is either: a work period, a sub day, a test day, or has something other than instruction going on, your task is specifically to share something meaningful, relevant, and ideally, that improves and / or enhances learning the course material in this course.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Matricies & Networks

Hey Everyone...

First of all Id just like to warn you all that Im pretty new to the whole scribing and blogging stuff so hopefully this works out and you all understand it, and to everyone who has posted or scribed already "Good On Ya".

"Thereth nothing worth than being Fruthrated" - Mr. Maks

Today In class we went over Matricies & Networks, Mr. Maks began by giving us a list of Vocab and there definitions:
Matricies - Are used in the "Real World" for the purpose of keeping track od comings and goings within networks.
Networks - Telephone Network, Internet Protocal, Email Contacts, MSN contacts, Labor Hierarchy.
Node/Vertex - "Places" on the network diagram; "the to's and froms" on the network diagram; an ending place or a begining place.
Route/Edge - "How to get there" in realtion to the Nodes/Vertex.
Mr. Maks then gave us this analogy:
Analogy: Nodes/Vertex is to CLASSROOM
as Route/Edge is to HALLWAYS
We were then given a Network to consider....
Mr. Maks explained that this Network could be placed into a 4 x 4 matrix as connections through one other place by making one side A B C D and making the other side A B C D and then filling in the blanks with the number of times you can get from one destination to another. He then showed us how to make the connections through two other places.

These were our observations......
IF..... (A)^1 is the DIRECT route connections between nodes
THEN...... (A)^2 is the INDIRECT route connections through exactly ONE other node
THEN...... (A)^3 is the INDIRECT route connections through exactly TWO other nodes
AND..... (A)^n is the INDIRECT route connection through exactly (n - 1) other nodes

Pictorilly it could be shown as this....
0 - Being the Node/Vertex
<------> - Being the Route/Edge

For Homework we were assigned:

Ex. # 7 Pages A-18-19
Questions #2 & #4

On a side note,
I was asked to find out what the deal was with the new Slide Share program and this was what I found:

It is a place to share and discover slideshows, what you do is upload your slides, share them with a link, embed in a blog. you can discover interesting slide shows, tag, comment, and just have fun with it.

What's new with SlideShare?
Now you can leave messages on other people's profile pages. You can say in your profile whether you want to let everyone do this, or just your friends.
Private messages
You can also send private messages to other SlideShare users. The message will simply be forwarded to their email address. You can say in your profile whether you want to let people do this or not too!

Well thats all I have for right now guys, I hope that I get the hang of this soon so I can do better next round.... but untill then keep blogging and have fun!

- Britt

Friday, February 16, 2007

Work Period: February 16, 2007

This was one of our first work periods this semester. We started our listening to Mr. Maksymchuk's radio stations from It was quiet for the most part. Questions 3,5,6 from exercise 6 were assigned.

If you are having trouble with matrices, then it might help to go to All the information there is from contributors to the site, is isn't the most reliable, but it has the basics.
Mr Maxxx plans on putting a chat box on the blog. BEWARE.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Project Collaboration Feedback?

So, what do you really think? I'm asking because I'm interested, not because I'm fishing for a bunch of reasons not to do this thing...
Your opinion is important, so be heard if you have one...powered by ODEO

Feb 14 ♥

Hey, Today we did stuff on Matrix again, We worked on Transition Matrices.

As you might know we had the Dance, Figure Skating, and Gymnatstics question for homework yesterday...

We continued from this question that Mr.Max made up

looking at the information from yesterday, ( on yesterdays post ) we can fill this out

So, We have created a transition matrix

Important things about/to identify a transition matrix.
  • 100% as a row sum ( probably) and it may be of 1% because you rounded the number)
  • row & column match identically ( DFG, and DFG)
  • its square ( n x n configuration )

So the question we had to find out from this matrix what

You are the communtiy recreation corrdinator

a.) Use matrix operations & data given to predict upcoming trends in the distribution of activities

b.) You are aware that currently


12% 27% 61%

represent attendance in each activity

Show data for the first three years and then answer question a.)


1.) LOAD your "initial condition" or "initial state" matrix as [A] in a 1 x n form

A= [0.27 o.12 0.61] ( make sure you put them in the right order (DFG))

Then we randomly, and suddenly got way off topic and started to talk about the delicious and very apparently appetizing Scotish delicasy known as haggis

Basically to just briefly talk about what it is ... its a sheeps stomach, filled with heart, liver, lungs, minced with onion, oatmeal, suet, spices, and salt, mixed with stock, traditionally served with turnip and potatoes,

If you have any other questions about this unusual form of to mr.max

Oh and by the way, we didn't look at it because Mr.Max likes it...

Ok back to work
make [B] into a matrices that represents this:

now multiply [A] x [B] and our new distribution is

Hint: if [row] x[transitsion]^ big number equals [row] x[transitsion]^ big numer +1 then you did it right ... if not then try a bigger numer

I'm not finished so there will be more probably tommorrow morning


  1. We got a new handout
  2. A-16 Ex 6 Transition Matrices
  3. A-17 #4 Car/Vans/SUVs

Also it is probably important to know that there is a class from winnipeg that will be joined with our blog, ( there is a like on the side of this page i think or you can access it by this link) and they will be teamed up with one of us and we are to do a project with them.... no big rush yet, just letting you know.

We have not started mental math yet either

Posted by: Aaron

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Tuesday's Class

Hello everyone,

Before I start to talk about our day today, I just wanted to remind everyone that MENTAL MATH will be starting soon...

Today, Mr. Maksymchuk started out with a homework check and made corrections on Exercise 4, #4.

So for those of you who weren't here or didn't get it done, be sure to get that done as soon as possible.

After a while Mr. Maksymchuk also gave us a little learning lesson on Transition Matrices.

Today's homework was to finish up that 3x3 matrix that Mr. Maksymchuk gave us. He gave us an example that we now have to finish. We have to put in the proper percentages in the empty blanks about the little girls and their activities.

Today Mr. Maksymchuk also gave us our first ACCELERATED MATH assignment. Each assignment our names on the top and is different from one another so that we don't cheat...

Mr. Maksymchuk spends a good period of time on a question, not just to waste time in class or bi pass the time but to make us learn it better. To be perfectly honest, I like that method because the more time you work on a question the more you learn about it. We need to strive for quality as apposed to quantity.

From, Tyler.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Blogging Guidelines....

If you're a new blogger to our class, read this....and remember, if it's on the internet, it's forever!!!


Accelerated Math in Your Course Evaluation

If you know how the program works, and you have suggestions, feel free to add them as posts, or comment below. Thanks for contributing, and as always, be honest...


Monday's Class

Today we had a homework check and went over the answers for Excercise 2 # 2,6,& 7. If you were not in class on friday there will be a homework check for those questions during the begining of tomorrows class.

We also talked about accelerated math and Mr. Max had left a post in which we were to leave a comment on what we think about it.

There was a review on notes about Matrix Multiplication. it was pretty much the same notes as friday.... Marsha put them on the blog.

Homework.... Exercise 4 #4 was due.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Matrix Operations

Hey and Hello,
In class today we were introduced to Matrix Operations. We learned four ways; Matrix Addition, Matrix Subtraction, Scalar Multiplication and Matrix Multiplication/Two-Finger Method.

Matrix Addition

IS commutative.*
Rule: Matrix Addition is only possible when the rows and columns are the same dimensions in A + B. Meaning that if you try and add a 2x3 matrices with a 3x1 matrices, you will get an error.
ie. [3 2 1] + [5 6 7] - will work.
[4 1] + [4 9 8 2] - will not work.

Matrix Subtraction

NOT commutative.*
Done the same way as Matrix Addition, rule still applies.

Scalar Multiplication
"Scalar" refers to the number you place in front of the matrices you are multiplying it by.
ie. 2[A]+[B]
'2' is the scalar quantity.
Scalar multiplication is done the same way as Matrix Multiplication except you add a number(s) into your equation.

The following matrix represents the amount Carol gets paid for doing chores for her parents. She gets $1.00 for sweeping, $2.00 for washing the dishes and $3.00 for folding clothes.

If carol does each of these chores for 2 weeks, how much will she make in each category?

To solve this problem you would enter these numbers in matrix A. Than clear your screen, put in 14, than press 2nd, x-1, than select [A] and press enter. This should bring you back to the home screen where you should see 14[A]. Press enter and it will give you an answer of [14 28 42]

Therefore, Carol will make $14.00 for sweeping, $28.00 for washing the dishes and $42.00 for folding clothes during a two week period.

Matrix Multiplication
NOT commutative.*
Rule: In order to multiply two matrices by one another, the number of columns in the first matrix must be the same as the number of rows in the second matrix.

This WILL work:

[A] = 2x
3 ('2' represents the # of rows, '3' represents the # of columns.)
[B] =
3x4 ('3' represents the # of rows, '4' represents the # of columns.)

This will NOT work:

[A] = 2x4
[B] = 1x2

Two Finger Method
This method is done by giving a 'thumbs up' with your left hand, than extending your index finger, while your right hand shapes the letter L. With your hands in position, follow a pattern like this:

If done correctly, you should get a final answer of
[17 9]
[27 -17]

And that my friends is it! Have a good weekend =)

Homework - Due Monday
Exercise #2; Page A-5, #2
Exercise #2; Page A-7, #6 & 7

Need More Help?
Matrix Multiplication/Finger Method
Matrix Addition & Multiplication
Matrix Addition & Scalar Multiplication

*Commutative: the ability to changer order

Friday, February 9, 2007

What happened on Feb 7th and 8th

Hey, on Feb 7th i think that me were told to make a blogger account... if you haven't done that already , go to, and make one. Once you have done that, make a hotmail account, if you don't already have one(, then tell Mr. Max the account name. Then check your emails, and and there should be a messege from Mr.Max and just accept it and follow the instructions. Oh and also , on your blogger account, DO NOT use your last name ever.

and, on Feb. 8th we started matrix,

Here are some pics of what we did during class

2-D Array of values ( numbers) generally in rows and columns

That is what the different options preform.

To use this on your graphing calculator, hit 2nd, x^-1

We got a hand out and had to do page A-4 question 4 ...

Mr.Max will be saving the work he does on the Coursework drive, under Max's math stuff and then ... semester 2 block 4 applied 40

Hope this was useful...


Wednesday, February 7, 2007

First Post: Did You Know?

Comment often, freely, and know that your blog efforts are helping make learning better for your classmates...

1. Thoughts / comments on the video?

2. What's it going to take?

link to the slideshow here