Monday, April 16, 2007

What To Do With Your Wiki

Wiki Assignment
1. Your assignment goes on If you've given me a valid email address, you should be an authorized contributor.

2. You're essentially teaching someone how to do a 'type-problem' from Accelerated Math, from start to finish. Show the entire problem, the objective, any relevant instructional materials, whatever....and I believe that I said in class that it should be something you struggled with yourself, but that you're competent with now.

3. Remember that once a question/objective has been selected, it's not available for anyone else's assignment. Check carefully before you post.

4. It's a wiki, so SAVE YOUR CHANGES every time you make in progress are fine, but I'll check regularly to make sure you have something up.

5. No last names/identifiers in your posts...We've talked about this in class...please remember to be 'mostly anonymous'....

Have fun, be experimental, and try to learn something on purpose....


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