Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Tuesday April 24th

Hello everyone i hope you all had a great day :D

Today we started off with mental math of course:).

If you were absent from class, or just forgot, we have a Probability Test on Tuesday May 1st, our review is on Mon the 30th, and accelerated math is due Monday April 30th as well. We are to have completed 22 objectives. The wiki assignment is due on Friday May 4th at the end of the day.

Mr. Max went over what you should have gotten for the answers to Question 3 Part B in the Design and Measurement Portfolio. His answers were; $8932.00 for Method #1, and the total for Method #2 was $11,541.75 he also informed us that he purchased the material in whole cubic yard units, which is pretty important.

Don't forget that we are to finish question's 3&4 in the Personal Finance Review, but I am not positive when the exact due date was for them.

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Ryan Maksymchuk said...

Unfortunately, there was an error in my earlier calculation (pointed out by Brittany)...so my new total for the second method of driveway surfacing is $11,381.75 (I hope)....the first one is the same, at least for now.