Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Editing or Growing Posts - April 10th

For the beginning of the class today, Mr. Max shared with us that Vicki A. Davis had left a comment on our blog. She has been known by many people across the web for the blogs she has published. She has taken the time to not only view but leave her opinion on how we're doing. Her comment was positive and she was impressed with our work. Good job class!! Although there were a few things that we can do to "Edit & Grow" our blogs to make them better for our classmates.

1. Pay Attention to comments.
-Answer questions when posted
-Clarify previous posts, or discuss with real people in real times
2.Don't use slang words, or colloquialisms.
-The local language needs to be improved
-Fix these problems
3.Correct A.S.A.P
4. Stop Apologizing,
-Keep in mind that you are contributing to the class!
5.Avoid Plagiarism
-When you make a post it is assumed that the voice used is that of your own(if not provide documentation & references)
6.Make Tags for all of your contributions.
-Shown at the bottom of the "edit post" window

For the remainder of the class we were given time to work on our Permutaions and Combinations Assignments. Also Mr. Max printed out exercises in accelerated math for everyone so that we can begin to set due dates.


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