Thursday, April 12, 2007

"brio" - Enthusiastic vigor; vivacity; liveliness; spirit.

Today Mr. Max let us use the block as a work period or we could go and see the presentation, on world hunger and war in Uganda, in the multi purpose room.
I had seen the presentation already this morning but I knew that the probability of me actually doing any work this block was less than 1/8th so I went to the presentation again.
The presentation was about world hunger and the war in northern Uganda, in the presentation we were told things like:
  • Every 3 seconds a child dies due to extreme poverty
  • 800 million people go to bed hungry each night
  • 1.2 billion people live on less than $ 1.00 per day
  • $ 13 million could help to serve the basic needs of impoverished people across the globe (that's less than is spent on pet food yearly)
  • It has been proposed that world hunger could be cut in half by 2015, but hunger rates are increasing
  • The Canadian Food Grains Bank, now "End Hunger", dates back almost 500 years
  • The Canada Government matches all money raised towards ending world hunger at a 4:1 ratio with a
    $ 16 million limit, soon to be raised to a $ 20 million limit
  • 50 % of the world gets its livelihood from agriculture
  • The population of Uganda is 28,816,000 Million people who speak 43 different languages
  • 90 % of food consumed in northern Uganda is provided by humanitarian organizations
  • The total Gross Domestic Product income is $ 45.97 billion yearly
  • Polygamy is a common practice
  • English is the official language but 62 % of people do not speak or write it

As well as many other interesting facts about Uganda and World Hunger. At the end of the presentation we were given the opportunity to ask questions and view pamphlets. We were also given other resources to look at:


Mrs. Lambert said...

Emma, what impression did this presentation leave with you. I was interested to see how much data you retained from the presentation but was left curious to know how it effected you.

Anonymous said...

Great summary Emma! What I find disgusting is that every 3 seconds a child dies from poverty/starvation. Imagine if a child dropped dead every 3 seconds in our community! Wouldn't we all band together like madmen to put a stop to it all? How can we just do nothing and continue to stuff ourselves or throw away food? We could all do more...if we made it a priority couldn't we? Don't you think we should? M. Barteski