Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Probability Cont.

Hello again everyone,

Today we started off the class as usual by doing Mental Math. We then went on to correct the homework assignment from monday which had to do with Chuck getting to his home by passing by the Skate shop. As we started to correct Mr. Max informed us that none of us got the question correct because none of us had answered the question asked. It turned out that instead of answering the question of what the chance was that he would walk by the skate shop on his way home, we all had answered how many possible paths there were for him to take past the skate shop on the way home. After a breif explination of how to do it correctly, Mr. Max asked us to get out a piece of paper and answer the right question this time.

After our corrections we moved onto the lesson for the day which was a continuation of Probability. Mr. Max started with the definition of sample space; which is the collection of all possible results of an experiment. He gave us this example;

He then asked us to come up with as many sample spaces for that example as we possibly could. Together we found these sample spaces:

We then concluded that sample spaces are a pain in the neck to create unless the total number of outcomes is fairly small. However it may be neccisary to create or verify a probability solution that has been calculated theoretically.

To conclude the class we were assigned one question from our new booklet;
Page 1
Question #2

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