Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Fresh Start With Probability

So Spring Break is sadly over and a start of a new unit has begun..Probability. I know what your thinking..Oh great what fun!! That's what I was thinking ,but with Mr.Max along for this crazy ride I don't think it will be so bad after all. We started off the class jumping back into Mental Math, then right into the beginning of a new unit. Mr.Max shared with us the expectations of what we will be learning which is displayed below.
Next Mr. Max explained to us how Pascal's Triangle works. The two number above are added to together and this is continued throughout the triangle. For example: At the top of the triangle to get the answer "2" you add the two 1's above it. If your not to sure what I am talking about I will include the diagram that Mr.Max used to explain it to the class.

Next thing we did was go over the things that we should recall or know from maybe Grade 11 ,and if you don't really remember very much don't worry you will catch on quick, but just remember to bring your calculator or as Mr.Max said that hundred thirty dollar thing sitting in front of you. You will be using it alot for Probability.
After we went over the general things and idea to help us understand what we will be doing in Probability, we were all handed out a Probability Review 2004/2005, where Mr.Max did Question #3 as an example to show us Pascal's Triangle in use.

Well that's all from me, make sure if your having trouble to ask for help so you don't fall behind. Be sure to reply to the question about Chuck and the Skateboard Shop before April 3rd. Just a reminder that we will be assigned 10 Objectives on Accelerated Math sometime this week just so you know in advance and not be shocked next time you scan. Thanks Stephanie

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