Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Day One Max's Absence

Although I was unable to be apart of class yesterday due to my 'Executive Challenge' meetings I understand a lot of progress was made towards our work layout for the next couple days. Mr. Max has to endure the pain of staying in a hotel for the next couple days but has left a list of things that we will are asked to accomplish. I understand that 'bend' has posted what was due but I decided to expand on what was posted with the worksheet the sub handed out.

1. Accelerated Math
- The probability objectives are due at the end of the unit (upon Max,s return). We are also responsible to print other practises, exercises, and tests.
- If help is needed turn to your peers or feel free to email Max with any serious questions.
2. Wiki Assignment
- There are instructions posted on a prior blog from Max and 'bend' included a link to view older assignments.
- Remember having your laptop is a privilege and if you don't correctly use them will have it taken away. You will need it to finish some assignments so keep this in mind.
3. Design & Measurement Package
- You should come familiar with this package as the first section of the exam will be on this section.
- Do Question #6 Question B (Driveway)
4. Personal Finance Questions
- #3(Maila) & #4(Bonnie)
- We took notes on this section before spring break and you are also encouraged to view the network or blog for help.

Well that's our list of things to do for the next couple days, so make sure you properly use the time your given to get it all finished in time.

Also on the blackboards in the classroom rules have been listed for the classroom that will apply while he is absent and his email addresses will also be found there to contact him for help.


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