Monday, February 26, 2007

The Wonderful World of Vectors

Well I am sure you are all pleased to hear that today we started a new unit on Vectors... yaaay... Mr. Max just went over the basics of what vectors were and what they weren't....

Vector- refers to some quantity thats has magnitude and direction...

Here are some examples of what vectors are and aren't.

So now hopefully you all know what vectors look like.

Not to end the excitement, we were also lucky enough to have another mental math assignment today as well as getting our scan card part of out test back.

Euklid is a program that we will be using a fair bit on this unit. For those who want it at home but don't know how to get it click on this link to download it..

Our assignment for homework was - pg. B-4 #6

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Ryan Maksymchuk said...

Ben...nice post...concise, to the point, effective. Good stuff....

On a technical note, please run your post through a spell checker...I won't correct your spelling mistakes, but you should, since this is a school blog, and you're getting marked on your posts.