Wednesday, February 14, 2007

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Hey, Today we did stuff on Matrix again, We worked on Transition Matrices.

As you might know we had the Dance, Figure Skating, and Gymnatstics question for homework yesterday...

We continued from this question that Mr.Max made up

looking at the information from yesterday, ( on yesterdays post ) we can fill this out

So, We have created a transition matrix

Important things about/to identify a transition matrix.
  • 100% as a row sum ( probably) and it may be of 1% because you rounded the number)
  • row & column match identically ( DFG, and DFG)
  • its square ( n x n configuration )

So the question we had to find out from this matrix what

You are the communtiy recreation corrdinator

a.) Use matrix operations & data given to predict upcoming trends in the distribution of activities

b.) You are aware that currently


12% 27% 61%

represent attendance in each activity

Show data for the first three years and then answer question a.)


1.) LOAD your "initial condition" or "initial state" matrix as [A] in a 1 x n form

A= [0.27 o.12 0.61] ( make sure you put them in the right order (DFG))

Then we randomly, and suddenly got way off topic and started to talk about the delicious and very apparently appetizing Scotish delicasy known as haggis

Basically to just briefly talk about what it is ... its a sheeps stomach, filled with heart, liver, lungs, minced with onion, oatmeal, suet, spices, and salt, mixed with stock, traditionally served with turnip and potatoes,

If you have any other questions about this unusual form of to mr.max

Oh and by the way, we didn't look at it because Mr.Max likes it...

Ok back to work
make [B] into a matrices that represents this:

now multiply [A] x [B] and our new distribution is

Hint: if [row] x[transitsion]^ big number equals [row] x[transitsion]^ big numer +1 then you did it right ... if not then try a bigger numer

I'm not finished so there will be more probably tommorrow morning


  1. We got a new handout
  2. A-16 Ex 6 Transition Matrices
  3. A-17 #4 Car/Vans/SUVs

Also it is probably important to know that there is a class from winnipeg that will be joined with our blog, ( there is a like on the side of this page i think or you can access it by this link) and they will be teamed up with one of us and we are to do a project with them.... no big rush yet, just letting you know.

We have not started mental math yet either

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Ryan Maksymchuk said...

Aaron....What a fantastic addition to the blog, and I'm sure everyone will agree, especially because of that great looking haggis! Yikes, seriously, I'd like to see someone eat that stuff...

Sorry, back to my comment. I really like the use of spacing and the fact that those screen shots are in your post, and in the order that you make sense with your explanations of that example. What I'm wondering (and hoping) is that we can do something about being able to click on those .pdf screen shots and have a larger, easier to read image pop up? I'm not sure how just to do that yet, but maybe someone reading this with experience with Photoshop or something can help.

*** Point to remember for everyone...Don't forget that you can 'grow' your posts, which basically means that you can go back and edit what you've done to make it even better than it was before...

How on Earth did I get talking about haggis?