Friday, February 23, 2007

Test Day ...And Tyler's ♥ 18th

So today was the test day...

I'm honestly not sure what to post about it. Today is also Tyler's 18th birthday, incase anyone didn't already know. Thats not so relevant to the class is it..?

I'll pose a thought provoking question, since I can't think of anything else to write about the test day: What did everyone think about the test?
Just kidding, thats not entirely thought provoking, is it.

Here's my question for everyone:
do you think that you will ever actually use the things you learnt in highschool in real life?

also, what would someone have to pay you to eat haggis?

This is a picture of people in a haggis eating contest.


Ryan Maksymchuk said...

Hmmm, I was optimistic that if I pointed you guys in the right direction, you'd come through with flying colours!...and you did.

I think both questions are terribly relevant. (Test feedback and real-life correlating with high school experiences...) I'm curious to read your feedback from your classmates.

Minor concern, and I'll mention it in class, PLEASE NEVER USE LAST NAMES ON THE BLOG, for security reasons. I've already edited it out, but for the future, please be careful.

That picture is fairly disgusting, but thought-provoking nonetheless...

Nice post. I hope you've made your classmates think.

Anonymous said...

oops. I forgot about the last names thing. Sorry.

Richie48 said...

Hmmm Yes! I do think that I will use the stuff I learned in highschool..out of highschool. The english and bio yeah, but not the math? I don't see me using vectors out of highschool:S

haha no one would be able to pay me enough money to eat haggis.. Yuck