Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Tuesday's Class

Hello everyone,

Before I start to talk about our day today, I just wanted to remind everyone that MENTAL MATH will be starting soon...

Today, Mr. Maksymchuk started out with a homework check and made corrections on Exercise 4, #4.

So for those of you who weren't here or didn't get it done, be sure to get that done as soon as possible.

After a while Mr. Maksymchuk also gave us a little learning lesson on Transition Matrices.

Today's homework was to finish up that 3x3 matrix that Mr. Maksymchuk gave us. He gave us an example that we now have to finish. We have to put in the proper percentages in the empty blanks about the little girls and their activities.

Today Mr. Maksymchuk also gave us our first ACCELERATED MATH assignment. Each assignment our names on the top and is different from one another so that we don't cheat...

Mr. Maksymchuk spends a good period of time on a question, not just to waste time in class or bi pass the time but to make us learn it better. To be perfectly honest, I like that method because the more time you work on a question the more you learn about it. We need to strive for quality as apposed to quantity.

From, Tyler.


Anonymous said...

That was a wonderful post Tyler, with lots of useful notes from the class. How ever did you get them in there?...

Ryan Maksymchuk said...

Nice work, Tyler. I'll get the mental math recording sheets hopefully tomorrow.

It would be cool if you could explain to everyone how to import images...either on the blog, or sometime in class. It's definitely a useful skill, and people are watching what you guys are doing. In effect, with this type of classroom environment on the blog, we have the potential to learn anywhere we have a web connection....Not only powerful, but really unheard of even 10 short years ago....I hope I'm not the only one excited about what you folks are doing, but even if I am, maybe some of it will rub off in a good way!

Again, keep setting the bar high for each other. Scribe posting excellence is, in my opinion, an example of a postive use of peer pressure....Just a thought.

Nice work, Tyler.