Monday, February 19, 2007

Matricies & Networks

Hey Everyone...

First of all Id just like to warn you all that Im pretty new to the whole scribing and blogging stuff so hopefully this works out and you all understand it, and to everyone who has posted or scribed already "Good On Ya".

"Thereth nothing worth than being Fruthrated" - Mr. Maks

Today In class we went over Matricies & Networks, Mr. Maks began by giving us a list of Vocab and there definitions:
Matricies - Are used in the "Real World" for the purpose of keeping track od comings and goings within networks.
Networks - Telephone Network, Internet Protocal, Email Contacts, MSN contacts, Labor Hierarchy.
Node/Vertex - "Places" on the network diagram; "the to's and froms" on the network diagram; an ending place or a begining place.
Route/Edge - "How to get there" in realtion to the Nodes/Vertex.
Mr. Maks then gave us this analogy:
Analogy: Nodes/Vertex is to CLASSROOM
as Route/Edge is to HALLWAYS
We were then given a Network to consider....
Mr. Maks explained that this Network could be placed into a 4 x 4 matrix as connections through one other place by making one side A B C D and making the other side A B C D and then filling in the blanks with the number of times you can get from one destination to another. He then showed us how to make the connections through two other places.

These were our observations......
IF..... (A)^1 is the DIRECT route connections between nodes
THEN...... (A)^2 is the INDIRECT route connections through exactly ONE other node
THEN...... (A)^3 is the INDIRECT route connections through exactly TWO other nodes
AND..... (A)^n is the INDIRECT route connection through exactly (n - 1) other nodes

Pictorilly it could be shown as this....
0 - Being the Node/Vertex
<------> - Being the Route/Edge

For Homework we were assigned:

Ex. # 7 Pages A-18-19
Questions #2 & #4

On a side note,
I was asked to find out what the deal was with the new Slide Share program and this was what I found:

It is a place to share and discover slideshows, what you do is upload your slides, share them with a link, embed in a blog. you can discover interesting slide shows, tag, comment, and just have fun with it.

What's new with SlideShare?
Now you can leave messages on other people's profile pages. You can say in your profile whether you want to let everyone do this, or just your friends.
Private messages
You can also send private messages to other SlideShare users. The message will simply be forwarded to their email address. You can say in your profile whether you want to let people do this or not too!

Well thats all I have for right now guys, I hope that I get the hang of this soon so I can do better next round.... but untill then keep blogging and have fun!

- Britt


Ryan Maksymchuk said...

Britt…really cool post! I’m proud of what you’ve accomplished, and by the way you’ve contributed, it seems to me that you understand why I think this learning model is worthwhile and valuable. Hopefully you do as well. I’ll help you today in class with the images (I don’t foresee any problems at all)…and thanks for the information about SlideShare.
A little reminder for everyone: Any time that you create a post, as the author, you have the ability to go back at a later time and edit it to improve it, to add pictures, to add links, etc. I think that over time, you folks will really learn to take ownership of what you provide to your classmates, and in a perfect world, you’ll be encouraging each other to CREATE EXCELLENCE! Did you ever wonder what excellence looks like? I can’t imagine that it’s the same for everyone, but as your teacher, I’d like to you strive for it, every time you ‘put yourself out there’ on our blog…
Nice work, Britt, and I’ll look forward to helping make this post even more useful…

Ryan Maksymchuk said...


Apologies for messing with your post, but I found a new better way to add 'screen shots' from the Sympodium to the blog...I'm pretty excited about it, and I'll show you today in class...