Friday, February 9, 2007

What happened on Feb 7th and 8th

Hey, on Feb 7th i think that me were told to make a blogger account... if you haven't done that already , go to, and make one. Once you have done that, make a hotmail account, if you don't already have one(, then tell Mr. Max the account name. Then check your emails, and and there should be a messege from Mr.Max and just accept it and follow the instructions. Oh and also , on your blogger account, DO NOT use your last name ever.

and, on Feb. 8th we started matrix,

Here are some pics of what we did during class

2-D Array of values ( numbers) generally in rows and columns

That is what the different options preform.

To use this on your graphing calculator, hit 2nd, x^-1

We got a hand out and had to do page A-4 question 4 ...

Mr.Max will be saving the work he does on the Coursework drive, under Max's math stuff and then ... semester 2 block 4 applied 40

Hope this was useful...


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