Thursday, June 21, 2007


Hey Mr. Max!
I forgot my old login name, so I made a new one.. I forgot though that you had to approve me so I could post, so I wasnt able to post it on the wiki. I have my entry, hopefully it's not too late. I was going to try and find you at Swan -- poluz -- a? .. whatever, but I didn't see you. Anyways, here it is:

PROBABILITY - Use Pascal’s Triangle to find..

Use Pascal’s Triangle to find the number of ways to choose 3 shirts from 7 shirts.

This can be solved in two different ways:

First, Pascal. Since you have 7 shirts, go down to the 7th row. And because you have 3 shirts to choose from, go over three. You should get an answer of 35.

You can also solve this on your calculator.

For this question we must use n Cr on your Ti-83 Calculator. So, punch in a number seven (the number of shirts) and than press MATH than go over to PRB than use 3: nCr, press enter and than press the number three (3 shirts). Press enter and you should get 35.

7 nCr 3 = 35 ways to choose three shirts from seven.

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Have a great summer Mr. Max!! =)

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