Tuesday, June 12, 2007

June 12th- Exam Review

We started the class by deciding that we were going to review sequences and series, and design and measurement , which are both on the exam for tomorrow.

For sequences and series 4 possible questions that may come up are on populations, fractals, drugs, and random questions.. Sequences/Series is worth approximately 10 marks, and there is only 1 question with multiple parts. To do these questions Mr.Max recommends using Excel (his favorite) , Sequence mode on TI-83, Arithmetic on the homescreen of the TI-83, and Shodor.

This is the example question for Sequences/Series January 06 exam. We did part A using the homescreen method. Remember 1 dose equals 2 pills. He used excel too but he didn't save the screen shots.

For part B of the question Mr.Max used Shodor, as u can clearly see in the picture posted below the mg's of medication in Jasmine's body evens out at 800 mg.

He used excel to figure out part C, the medication stablizes at 800 mg, and he also used excel for Part D, to figure out how long the medication stays in her system after she takes the last dose.
For Part E he also used Excel, it was an open response question to figure out how to make the medication stabalize between 1000 and 1200 mg's, Mr.Max simply changed the dosage of 2 pills every 12 hours to 3 pills every 12 hours, and it stabalized at 1200 mg's.

And then we started design and measurement, which is approximately 10 marks and also just 1 question with many parts. REMEMBER do not mix up 2d and 3d objects...

It is a good idea to do 15 minutes of yoga a day, it will get you relaxed and ready for just about everything. And remember Mr.Max is having a study session tonight at 7 PM, if you want to go be there at 7 or else Mr.Max will go home. Dont forget to eat a good breakfast tmoorrow morning, and bring all of your supplies to the exam, and there is class tomorrow afternoon so show up! And GOOD LUCK ON YOUR EXAM TOMORROW!!

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