Monday, June 11, 2007

100 Posts!! =D! ..and Probability =(

Yay, 100 posts!
Good job to everyone who contributed. That's a lot of hard work, I think we all deserve cake!

Today in mathematics we reviewed probability. Mr. Max gave us an outline on what to expect for Wednesday & Thursday:

Inquiry Task Sequences/Design & Measurement
Worth approximately 18-20 marks

Written Test - 6 Units
Worth approximately 50-65 marks

* Keep in mind that Permutations and Combinations wont be labelled. You should have the ability to know when to use each.

Mr. Max recommended we add the following to our formula sheet:
P(a or b) = P(a)+P(b)
P(A or b) = P(a)+P(b)-P(a and b)

I searched the old Provincial Exams and found all the probability questions I could. Make sure to try them! =)











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