Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Test Review- Stats & Applications of Periodic Functions

For the duration of the class Mr. Max lead us through a review for the test. Sadly he overcame some technical difficulties and now his pen wouldn't work properly. Might help to explain why our notes aren't quite "the same" as they usually are.

For question #1 Mr. Max assumed that we all understand how to calculate the mean and standard deviation but for those who did the question the answer was as follows:
Mean = 33.75
Standard Deviation = 7.71
Keep in mind that questions such as "is this normal" are very likely to see on the provincial exam. Although numbers may follow closely to the rule (68-95-99.7) you must argue/discuss your opinion in regards to whether you think it is normal; being that the numbers are close or not close enough.
Well there is the review, hopefully it helped to refresh your memory a bit. Good Luck :)

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