Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Marsha, March 13th, 2007

Sorry for being late on my post. The poll didn't work out so well, so follow Aaron's lead and just comment on what you think.

Unit test vs. Cumulative..
Test is Friday so make sure to speak up.

Unit Test: One test per Unit
Cumulative: One test that includes questions from previous units.

Since we didn't learn anything new today I'm supposed to contribute something useful. So hopefully this helps someone..

This is a basic picture of all the important things. The circle and the degree measures represent the bearing. The 'N, E, S, W' represent the directions.

For some practice, I took some questions off the archived exams.

A bird travels a distance of 2.5km in a direction of 30 degrees west of north. It than travels 9km in a direction of 42 degrees east of north.
How far and in what direction must it travel to return directly to it's starting point?

The bird is 10km from its starting point and must travel in a direction of 29 degrees west of south.

Don't want to solve it that way? You can always do this! .. creepy. What is all that Mr. Max?

Here's another question that you should probably know how to do:
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aaron said...

I think that unit tests are better, because when we get deep into the semester, thats gunna be like having an exam all the time we have a test, except shorter, and also ,when we had an hour, it would be hard to fit 7 units or more into an one hour test

Marsha said...

I liked the idea that the lady in the back of the room mentioned. I don't know your name sorry.. Cassy or something. Anyways, she asked if you meant that we would have 1 or 2 bonus questions at the end of each test that were based on a previous unit. I think if it was done that way it'd be a win-win situation. It would encourage students to look back but at the same time, it wouldn't hurt them if they don't understand.

I vote Unit Tests all the way. I mean, everyone is going to have a unit in which they are very strong in and than there are those units where it's a struggle. I think that by keeping unit tests just focused on the units we are doing, people have a better chance of taking advantage of those strong points they have from unit to unit and therefore have a better mark in the class.

bend said...

i also agree with marsha. im thinking unit tests. but with the optional bonus question(s) for extra marks. it would help kids in raising their marks since some kids are better at some units than others.

Ryan Maksymchuk said...

Not sure if I get an opinion on this...but think about this, because since I'm the guy marking what you guys do on Friday, it is IMPOSSIBLE to score more than 100% on my tests. period. So I'm not sure about the implications of bonus questions or something, but I guess that we should talk in class...something to think about at least...

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

the whole test thing is a dilemma for me.

A.) because if it were on just one unit it would be a lot easier to study for and as a student you're more likely to do better because its all on one subject and you won't get anything mixed up.

B.) if the test was more than one unit combined it would be, like Mr. Max said, helpfull to us because it prepares us for the exam because we have to study more than one unit at a time and then everything stays more or less fresh in our minds.

C.) I like the point Marsha and Ben made, if there were "bonus questions" at the end of the test on other, older, units it would help us as well because it would cause us to look back in our notes, like Marsha said.
The bonus questions could be there to help bring up your mark, if you got them right, but if you got them wrong they could just be disregarded, in a perfect world.

Wilson said...

Doing a unit test would be a good way to test our knowledge of the unit we are testing on. ie: matrices, vectors and so on and so forth.