Monday, March 5, 2007

Friday's Post

On Friday's class we of course did another mental math, we were taught a new lesson on Vector Addition, and received information that Mr.Max will not be back to teach us until Wednesday March the 7Th. For he will be away attending a meeting in Winnipeg on how the future of math teaching is going to change...according to what I remember him mentioning about it. So, here's the notes that we did on Friday:
Vector Addition (the triangle method using a scale diagram strategy)
Definition: Vector Resultant
- A vector created to describe an "overall" or "net" situation modelled by two or more different vectors.
[From the tail of the first, to the head of the last]
or also known as "stacking"
Method (Triangle):
1. Create, to scale a vector, drawing the tail on some start point. (origin)
2. From the new origin (the head of the first vector) create another vector with it's tail on the second origin.
3. Repeat (with as many vectors as necessary)
4. Create the resultant vector, from the first origin, to the head of the last vector.

-Also the assignment that is due on Wednesday is
Pg.B-6 1,2,3,5

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